The Four Year Poems


Be it happenstance or fate
Events aligned to bring us to one place
A mutual friend that said:
“He’s smart like you”
And your ego, bruised
Took up a challenge which has led
To this four-year poem

We have weathered storms
that appear as if on cue
Howling and demanding their due
So, we did what artists do
And turned it into art
Painting the wind-sheared landscape
from different perspectives
Using debris
torn branches
-Even enduring verbal lashes-
We transformed it
into our avant-garde piece

In our stubborn pursuit of this elective
Abandoning sacred rules, we grew
Striving to build something new
Simple things that could endure
The demands upon the body
that time has secured

For I know
that every day is a mountain
That stretches out for a lifetime
But the climbs are made easier
with your smile
And I no longer have to imagine myself happy.


It’s been a long time since,
I’ve obsessed over
looking over my shoulder
and planned a lonesome leave

As an escape artist, I admit
I displaced grit and replaced it
with something hollow
and yet,
something clicked
when instead of flowers,
you gave me a promise
to return what I had lost
to replace our jaded yesterdays
with new morrows
even if it came
at a personal cost

A promise, becoming a life motto
and the map that marked
where love would strike
A reform that turned a habit
of mourning crystal ships
into synchronized tandem bikes

many black birds have flown past
and still, here we remain
challenging their warnings,
sowing together our red flags
to hoist more nuanced colors
every morning

It has been a long time since,
I’ve obsessed over
looking over my shoulder,
but what need would I have of that,
when my greatest heist,
is straight ahead and far from over?
You’ve returned my hope,
I’ve stolen your heart

I’m not planning on giving it back.

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